Mortgage Loans 
We say "Yes!" to Home Loans 
You've worked hard to reach your goals.   As your local bank, Teche Federal makes it easy to get the loan you need to buy or build your dream home.  Decisions on your loan are made locally,  so the process moves quickly.  And we work with you as an individual. We offer competitive rates, low closing costs, and your choice of fixed or variable rates.  The best part?  You get personalized, professional customer service!  In addition to traditional mortgage loans, we make Modular Home Loans, Manufactured Home Loans (with or without land), and Lot Loans. 
Young Professionals Mortgage Program - If you are a young professional who has recently completed your education and are ready to buy a home, Teche Federal has a mortgage lending program designed especially for you.  Our Young Professionals Mortgage program offers outstanding financial benefits for those in the beginning stages of their career: 
• 100% financing with NO mortgage insurance requirements. 
• Close on your loan and move in up to 60 days prior to starting your job 
• Access to a knowledgeable loan specialist to answer any question you may have 
• A  convenient Teche Federal checking account. 
Stop by your local Teche Federal Bank branch today to get started, or use our convenient loan calculator for more information.  You can also download and print a loan application to fill out and bring with you.   
Click here to get the necessary information to contact a member of our loan team to help you with all of your mortgage needs. 
Consumer Loans 
"Yes!" Teche Federal has Consumer Loans 
Whether you are looking to buy a car, purchase that recreational vehicle you've always wanted, or are in need of a home equity line of credit, we have a wide variety of consumer loans to meet your unique needs.   
  • Automobile Loans
  • Lot Loans - Up to 100%
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Mobile Home Loans
  • Mobile Home and Land Loans
  • Personal Line of Credit Loans
  • Unsecured Loans
  • Deposit Secured Loans
  • Recreational Vehicle Loan:
  •                Motor Home   
                   Travel Trailer 
                   Boat, Motor & Trailer 
                   All Terrain Vehicles 
                   Personal Watercraft 
    Click here for information on how to contact a dedicated member of our loan team. 
    Home Equity Loan 
    Do you need cash? Do you own your home? Do you have equity? Let your home work for you. 
    We can help you take advantage of the money you've invested in your home by offering you a Home Equity Loan. 
    A Home Equity Loan from Teche Federal is the perfect solution for a variety of  financial needs: 
  • Cash in hand
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Automobile Purchase
  • Home Improvements
  • Refinancing
  • Educational Expenses
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Vacation Expenses
  • Home Furnishings
  • Medical Bills
  • Any Worthwhile Purpose
    A Home Equity Loan offers many benefits including 
  • No out-of-pocket expenses
  • Conversion of present non-tax-deductible debt into tax-deductible debt (consult your tax adviser)
  • Reduction of your monthly debt payments by hundreds of dollars; write only one check per month instead of multiple checks.
    Click here for information on how to contact an experienced member of our loan team for help you with all of your Home Equity needs. 
    Business Loans 
    Making plans for your business in 2013 and beyond? 
    We want to assist you in starting, growing and updating your business.  We understand that it is costly to stay current in your field or industry. You have to keep up to stay competitive. We realize that costs like software, computers, remodeling, business diversification, and even professional training can be challenging.  At Teche Federal, we are highly experienced in helping companies reach new heights of success through our convenient loan products and services.  We are a community bank and have a personal interest in your success. 
    Click here for information on how to contact a knowledgeable Business Loan Specialist for assistance with all your questions.  Let us partner with you in helping you reach your goals. 
    From the bankers that can make it happen! 

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